Wood Floors

  1. “I am sorry for this email being so late but I wanted you to know my experience having you do our floors. I have never worked with someone quite like you. Not only did you do an outstanding job on the floors but you were an exceptional gentleman. You communicated step by step the process and progress on the floors and you kept everything tidy and neat. It is obvious you really care about your work and your relationship with the customer. You went the extra mile for us which included a surprise drop off of some cleaning solution to help maintain our beautiful floors. Thank you so much — it was a wonderful experience working with you.”
    Sarah Patrick
    West Guilford, ON

  2. “Thank you so much Craig for your expert craftsmanship, integrity, honesty and flexibility. When we bought our new house I wondered if the wood floors in our living room, two bedrooms, hallway and stairs were even salvageable. I had no hesitation in hiring you on as you had done such a beautiful job on my daughter’s floor. When you were finished and I saw our new floors I almost cried they were so beautiful. After your week of hard work, it is like we have a new house with beautiful new flooring. Impeccable workmanship right down to going over every inch with a flashlight to make sure every nook and cranny was perfect. We are happy we went with the English Chestnut as it is exactly the colour we were looking for. Your effort to apply several of our top picks of stains on our floor first made the choice easy. Love your dust containment system as there was never any dust while you were sanding. Your honesty and integrity were shown when you rechecked the measurements we gave you, noted they were 200 sq ft. over and lowered the price accordingly. Thanks too for your understanding and flexibility when, at the 11th hour, I changed my mind and wanted to have the stairs done as well. No problem and you still finished the job on schedule. Thank you Craig.. it was a true pleasure doing business with you and will happily refer you on to anyone looking for beautiful new flooring.”

  3. “Thank you so much for the great job that you did here. We had no idea that our floors could actually look like this. You were very professional and followed through on time. We stand upstairs on most days and just stare at the floors, and how great they look now. We can’t believe there was absolutely no dust; your dust containment system was great. We are really happy that we went with the Walnut stain; it was a perfect medium between light and —-’s preference of very dark wood. We will definitely refer you to anyone we know who are thinking about hardwood flooring, or getting their floors refinished. Thanks again, and come by sometime for another BBQ if you’re in the area..!”

  4. “I am here and I am speechless. It looks better than I ever hoped or imagined. Thank you so much. I have been looking forward to this for so long and you made it worth the wait!”

  5. “Hi Craig – the floors look great! Your ‘cocktail’ of semi and satin finishes did the trick. Of course, the products are only as good as the craftsmanship behind them. Well done.”

  6. “We have returned.. to a new kitchen! We love the work you have done. The colour is just the right tone and the board you replaced is perfect. I thought you were going to cut the board in half to fit it in. It looks like you cut one end off and re-drilled an plugged and bevelled that end.. perfect. We want to thank you for your clean-up as there is very little dust left an we are sure that the place must of been covered at one point. We will have no trouble in recommending you to anyone who might need work done on their floors.”

  7. “Hi Craig! First of all, I can NOT see those awful scratches any more, and I looked closely. The colour and tone of the section you did seems to blend in perfectly with the rest of the hardwood. Don’t know if it is dry as yet, as I am reluctant to touch it, but it certainly looks great. Above all, thank you so very much, your efforts are greatly appreciated and I wish all other tradesmen would have the same commitment to their work and respect for others as you do.”

  8. “I like the way the floors look so much that I decided to keep them without any furniture for another week.. Just to enjoy the view! Well, and to get the walls painted in some fresh inspiring colours. Anna said that now that the floors are nice the walls need a face lift, too. Couldn’t agree more.”

  9. “Remember me? You did a wonderful job on my floors, about 2 years ago! I’m writing to let you know that I am having a small extension built at the back of the house, and I would like to ask you to do the floors for me.”

  10. “Craig — thanks for emailing the instructions so quickly (same day!) The floors look fabulous and we’ve had lots of comments on them.”

  11. “I left you a voice mail this morning — the floors look fantastic!”

  12. “Thanks for your effort and flexibility. I gained an appreciation for how hard wood floors are really hard to do! The floors look fantastic! Wish us luck in the move today!”

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