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Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions

Shine those Dull Floors!

>What can we use to get the shine back?
>Why should we not use "oil based cleaners" on our hardwood floors?
>There always seems to be a film on the floor and they show all the dirt.
>I used the 120 grit to give a smoother finish and used a polyurethane, but it still looks dull.

Speckles and Patches of Paint

>Paint had been dropped on the hardwood floor in several places. How do I remove it?
>The hardwood floors have been speckled with paint. How can we remove it?
>What would you recommend to remove the many layers of paint?
>What can be used to remove epoxy paint from wood?

Dips, Valleys, Uneven Spots

>We have some uneven spots. Is there any kind of leveling compound we can use?
>Is there any wood floor product (epoxy, urethane) that could actually be poured into this "valley"?
>There are some uneven transitions from board to board. How can I fix this?
>My floors are not even!

Sound Proofing

>I'd like to sound proof a little... what do you suggest here?
>We have some concern about noise/sound insulation.

Squeaking and Creaking

>Would nailing the area around the vent solve the problem?
>My stairs are creaking a lot and I want to fix this.
>Our floor is making some creaking noises in some areas. How can we fix this?

Gaps, Cracks, and Putty Issues

>Can we putty this or is there a better way to repair it?
>How can we fill the 1" cracks between the boards of our floors?
>We have large cracks even in our master bath. is moisture the only cause of these cracks?
>What is the recommended thing to fill these cracks? Wood putty, etc?
>Can these gaps be filled without ruining the "look"?
>Do I choose a wood putty to match the colour stain I use?
>No gaps have developed anywhere on our floors, save an 8ft run between two planks in the kitchen. How can we repair this and still have the floor look great?

Black and White Pet and Water Stains

>We removed carpeting to find that pet stains have penetrated our beautiful hardwood floors - do you have any suggestions on removing or lessening the stains?
>I have a dark spot on my hardwood floor which came as the result of my dog urinating on the floor. How do I remove it?
>There are some black spots on our hardwood floor. How can we get them it out?
>How do I remove or hide brown circles?
>What kind of bleaching can be used to remove dark pet urine stains?
>We have a water stain, how do we fix it?

Air Bubbles

>Can you spot sand some of them by hand?
>What is the best way to remove the air bubbles?
>What causes air bubbles?

Gouges, Holes and Marks

>Something heavy was dragged across floor and left a mark. How do we fix this?
>Is there anything to do to make these marks blend in with the rest of wood?
>There is some termite damage in almost all the boards of our new homes floor.
>No boards have broken; only some have gouges or splitting.
>How do we fix a dent?

Gooey Sticky Glue

>What can be done to remove this glue/carpet/mess residue?
>Plywood glued down over the old hardwood - how do I remove it?
>Is there an easy way to get the sticky glue residue off without harming the wood?
>How do we remove this glue residue from our floor?