About Us

WOOD FLOORING COMPANY est. 1994 in Ontario, Canada

What I offer is over 30 years of knowledge and skill in hardwood flooring. While I do a good, solid installation of wood floors, my main work is sanding, staining and finishing. Most of my sanding work also involves staining the wood a colour of the home owners choosing.

Now, as to how I do my jobs – preparation and skill are key. There is no need for plastic sheeting to be hung over doorways to keep airborne dust from drifting into other areas of the house, thanks to my dust containment system. Clean up before coating is not an ordeal because of this. At the end of the day, there is no dust on myself, the walls, window sills, baseboards or anywhere else! Before every application of polyurethane the previous coating must be buffed or abraded to guarantee adhesion of the next coat. Then comes vacuuming and dry mopping, generally with a micro weave mop.

Special Product Announcement – March 1, 2007: I am excited to let past and prospective customers know that I have made what I consider a major floor finish upgrade. Poloplaz, a U.S. based company that specializes in manufacturing floor finishes, was kind enough to send me samples of their product to test. I tested their Primero oil borne polyurethane . In 34 years, I have never applied such a wonderful product, nor seen a nicer finish when it dried.

Poloplaz floor finish has higher solids than I usually use, which means a thicker finish film. It dries better and faster (even under poor conditions) and cures harder than many other solvent based finishes. Poloplaz boasts tremendous durability for this product.

I will, of course, continue to watch for the latest and greatest products.

Floor finishing, staining and installing is not easy work. It is not recommended that a novice try this on their own floors. We all have to basically apprentice for a number of years before we become skilled enough to be left alone on a job. I get emails every day from home owners who thought it was so easy, anyone could do it. Why spend hard earned money on a “professional” when they can do it themselves? If this is so, why do so many people submit questions to me saying they followed the directions on the label and this or that disaster still happened? Save yourself a lot of time and grief, save your floors, and hire a professional. Even a professional will sometimes run into a problem. While there is science involved in this work, it can never be an exact science because there are too many unknowns with each floor. However, following proper procedures in preparation most often brings the best results. A beautiful looking floor with a finish that is easy to maintain, offering good durability, which can be refreshed with an additional finish coat when the existing ones become tired.

I promise to give you the best job I can and not waste your resources.

Written circa 2005.